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Jen [userpic]

An actual update, Omg!

July 21st, 2011 (01:07 am)

current mood: calm

I don't know if I think anything going on in my life is worth talking about, but some points are

-spiders are biting me during the night apparently, and leaving blister like bites behind. I currently have 3 total, including one on my face. MY FACE. Shit is creepy as hell.

-Our house is now the home of two kittens and their mother. They all have matching white paws. One is a boy with a mustache. The cute is neverending

-It is extremely hot out. I hate this. Dripping with sweat while cleaning the rooms sucks

-Lately, I really am trying to see the positive in things, and not judge the things that make me happy. As long as I smile, who gives a fuck right?

the one year anniversary of my mom's death is Saturday. Miss her. Think about her. Everyday.